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Adidas Padel Rackets 2022

Adidas Padel Rackets 2022
After years of R&D, Adidas Padel brand has developed an entirely new set of innovation paddles for the 2022 season. Adidas has some of the best players in the world using the Adidas padel rackets, and each year, they feature new technologies in each of the models, ensuring their gear is at another level. I always liked adidas range of rackets, adidas is one brand that does not cut corners on material quality.

Another great feature in Adidas wide collection is their set of entry level padel rackets, giving customers a chance to purchase a padel racket starting at just 394 DHS. In these models, Adidas offers the opportunity to get a lightweight padel racket, which has a young, athletic design.

Aimed at the intermediate to pro players, the Adidas Metalbone padel racket gives you all the strength needed to perform at the tournament. If you are looking for a controlled racket, the Metalbone CTRL, Adipower Master, or the Essnova Carbon CTRL are the ones to choose from. These are all excellent, but to me, the thing that beginner players need to look for is maximum control and comfort in choosing their racquet.

Balance, which I have found amongst 2 of these rackets too, is slightly heavier on the head than on the Control 2.0, but not quite as heavy as on the AdiPower 2.0. I do like the coarser face though that may not be much difference, and generally I enjoy the feel of 3 Adipower lines. Padel rackets typically range in weight from about 330g-385g. A lighter racket is easier to handle and gives you better control over the stroke.

Adapt the weight and balance to your opponents demands using new weight & balance technology. The GRIT diamond-shaped shape of SPIN BLADE and weight distribution in racket design will give you an additional k/h on every one of your shots. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can implement which will prolong the relatively short life of your Padel racket.

Women's Adidas Rackets are designed using materials and weights to meet the needs of women's paddle tennis players. The collection of paddle tennis rackets from Adidas offers a broad selection of rackets in various specifications, models, and colors to cater for different types of players. Adidas is one of the worlds most famous brands on an international level of sports, which has distinguished itself on paddle tennis, producing specialized products with best-quality.

In our online Padel Shop, you will be able to find all models from adidas 2022 Collection at best prices. In Padelsouq, you will find at your disposal a wide selection of tennis & padel products related to adidas padel.

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