If you want to improve your padel game and play at the highest level, it's important to choose the right equipment. Your racket is a vital tool that can make or break your game. We've done the hard work for you and created this list of 2022 best rackets for players according to their Level, Skill, Design and to players who suffer from the most common injury Tennis Elbow. 

Best Padel Rackets for Beginners: Head Evo Delta 2022.


It got oversized head shape with a massive, sweet spot, so you can get full control which makes it ideal for beginners.

It also got soft bone, so it prioritizes control and comfort.

It has a decent power thanks to the power frame technology and because the sweet spot is located slightly higher on the racket, you’ll get a good strike as well.

This is probably a well-balanced racket for those beginner players. They want to learn all aspects of the game with comfort, control, and power.


Best Padel Rackets for Intermediate: STARVIE DRONOS GALAXY 2022 


It’s a diamond shaped racket with the sweet spot near the of the racket.

The main benefit of the Starvie Dronos Galaxy is the carbon layers in this soft-density rubber racket give it greater power and control.

The rough surface makes it easier to hit the ball with slice and top spin.

 It’s perfect for the intermediate player who wants to get a racket with more power, but doesn't want to sacrifice control and comfort.


Best Padel Rackets for Advance: Adidas Metalbone

Adidas Metalbone:

This one is obviously incredibly powerful diamond shape with the sweet spot at the top. It has a rough surface to get extra spin.

This racket features six customizable weights to allow you to customize the weight of your racket, so you can make the racket as heavy, balanced or light as you like. 

 Make it heavy to give you more power, or make it lighter to feel more comfortable. 

It doesn't hurt your arm when you hit the ball with this racket. You can grip the ball so much that you can generate a lot of spin, and the ball just dies at the back of the court with all that extra spin. You can do both with this racket: go for a big smash or try for a very tough return.

 Control: Bullpadel Hack 03 CTRL.

Bullpadel hack 03 CTRL:

 The Bullpadel Hack 3 control has a round shape that offers an obvious sweet spot, along with a low balance point that maximizes control.

The outer core is made of XTend carbon 12K, which is something that only Bullpadel owns and use—it's powerful and durable.

The helical grip also helps with comfort, control and less vibrations sent to your arm by reducing it to a great extent.

So if you prefer playing long-range shots like bandeja or vibora instead of volleying the ball, then try the Bullpadel Hack 03 CTRL.

The controlling portion of the length variation is good, and you can send the ball down the middle of the court (the racket is good for dropshots as well!) or straight off the end line, that will keep the opponent at the back of the court (and will be very hard for them to attack you).


Power: Adipower 3.1

Adidas Adipower 3.1 2022

 This is a head-heavy racket with a balanced and very grippy surface. The sweet spot is located right at the top of the head, but it also has a rough feel, which makes it ideal for the kick smash. It is made of carbon fiber and has a high-memory core. It has an extremely hard feel that makes it seem like the ball is flying off the racket's edge. This is the best racket for performing kick smashes, as they can be performed with great power.


Comfort: BP10 Evo.


 If comfort is your top priority when choosing a racket, Bullpadel BP10 EVO is worth serious consideration. This model features an exceptionally wide sweet spot and an ultra-smooth surface for maximum playability and minimum arm strain.  If you're a coach looking for an option that provides maximum comfort during training sessions, this is the ideal choice.


Design: NOX Tempo WPT

NOX Tempo WPT.

 The NOX Tempo WPT Tennis Racket comes with a deluxe leather carrying case, making it suitable for high-end gamers who want something great. It has a teardrop shape, which is ideal for players who prefer control over power. This racket has 9.5 power and 9.5 control, additionally it has a carbon frame that makes it strong and durable. The surface of the racket is covered with carbon 12K and an anti-vibration system to reduce the vibration felt in your arm while playing. Overall design wise I think NOX did a fine job with this product


Tennis Elbow or Junior: NOX ML10 Pro Cup Ultralight.

 The NOX Ultralight racket is the best choice for players with tennis elbow or junior players. It has a shorter grip that is well-suited to a child's hand, and it's very lightweight as well. The feel is soft, which makes it perfect for junior players or players with tennis elbow.

All in all I hope this article was helpful and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. If you find this article useful be sure to share it with your friends, co-players or anyone you know who has a passion for padel rackets. In the end all the top 10 lists are based on the opinions of the players who purchase the equipment they feel works best for them. Have a good time!


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