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The Varlion BOURNE SUMMUM CARBON BLACK Padel Racket is designed for experienced players looking for more power than control. Constructed with bidirectional carbon fiber tubular and Hypersoft foam core, this diamond-shaped racket provides maximum strength and elasticity. Summum technology optimizes the racket with longer handle, extended hitting surface, gradual drilling, larger rough texture and Wings Diffuser technology for improved accuracy and maneuverability. Hexagon bumper ensures shock and chafing absorption, while Handlesafety technology ensures secure grip.

Technical Specifications
  • Main material: Fiberglass
  • Type of core: Medium touch
  • Frame: Hexagon frame
  • Heart construction: With difusor
  • Rough texture in the surface: Yes, HEXATEX texture. Very noticeable and embedded in the racket mold
  • Self-adhesive bumper: Yes
  • Handle: 14,5 cm
  • Balance: Medium-high
  • Cover: Yes, Begins cover included
  • Collection: 2022/23
  • Weight: 349 gr. and 357 gr
Player Profile

Shape: Diamond
Best For: Women
Player Style: Versatile
Level of Play: Advanced

Care Guide

Protect your racket from extreme temperatures. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold can damage the materials used to make your racket. Avoid leaving your racket in your car on a hot day or in a cold garage during the winter.

Use a racket cover. A cover will protect your racket from scratches and other damage when it's not in use. Make sure to keep your racket in the cover whenever it's not being used.

Size Guide