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Expertly designed and crafted for padel players, the OXDOG HYPER PRO THERMO PADEL BAG BLACK & GOLD offers a spacious 48L volume with multiple pockets, including 2 cooling compartments for rackets, a textile compartment, and a shoe bag. Keep your equipment organized and protected while on the court.

Technical Specifications
  • Multiple Accessory Pockets: Provides ample space for various smaller items and accessories, ensuring everything is organized and easily accessible.
  • 2 Cooling Compartments for Rackets: Equipped with specialized compartments that maintain a cooler temperature, ideal for storing rackets and helping to preserve frame integrity.
  • Textile Compartment: Dedicated space for storing clothing and other textile items, separate from harder gear to prevent abrasion and damage.
  • Separate Shoe Compartment: Features a designated compartment built into the bag for storing shoes, effectively isolating them from other contents to maintain cleanliness and order within the main bag compartment.
  • Volume: With a total volume of 48 liters, the bag offers extensive space to accommodate all padel necessities alongside personal items.
  • Ergonomic Design: The bag is thoughtfully structured for ease of use and comfort, making it easy to transport and access gear without strain.
  • High-Quality Polyester: The primary construction material is durable polyester, chosen for its strength, flexibility, and resistance to stretching, shrinking, and abrasions.
  • Thermal Insulation Layers: Thermal insulation materials line the cooling compartments to help regulate temperature, offering protection for the equipment under varying environmental conditions.
  • Water-Resistant Coatings: The bag's outer layers include a water-resistant finish, protecting the contents from moisture and facilitating easy maintenance.
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Best For: Unisex

Care Guide

Begin by emptying the bag. Use a damp cloth with mild soap to gently clean the surfaces. Focus on soiled areas but avoid soaking. For the interior, wipe with a slightly damp cloth to remove dirt and let air dry. Avoid using bleach or harsh detergents. Do not machine wash, tumble dry, or iron, as high heat may damage the bag's thermal insulation and material integrity. After cleaning, ensure the bag is completely dry before use.

Size Guide