Nox AT10 LUX Black/Sharp Green Padel Shoes

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The Nox AT10 LUX Black/Sharp Green Padel Shoes are more than just stylish footwear - they are the first shoes designed for your health. Endorsed by clinicians and certified by laboratories, these shoes minimize the risk of injury and enhance your performance on the padel court. With the expertise of podiatrists and elite sportsmen, these shoes are a game-changer.

Technical Specifications
  • AGG (Advanced Gravity Geometry) technology provides a greater “drop” (heel height in relation to the toe), facilitating the player’s standby position and run starts. Reduces plantar fasciitis and calf overload, MINIMIZING THE RISK OF MUSCLE INJURY
  • Greater STABILITY thanks to LATERAL SUPPORT technology, which provides greater surface contact between the sole and the floor and minimises the risk of twisting when moving sideways.
  • Optimal GRIP sole combines herringbone pattern with small studs.
  • Maximum CUSHIONING and energy return thanks to the mounted Strobel of the popcorn EVA rubber sole and the low density injected phylon midsole. Inner lateral reinforcement (AbraXone) to increase abrasion resistance and provide the shoe with greater stability.
  • Maximum COMFORT and STRENGTH with the Ortholite® insole, which improves support and comfort.
Player Profile

Best For: Men

Care Guide

Use a soft cloth or soft bristled shoe brush to remove any dirt from the shoe's surface.
For deeper cleaning, use a mild soap solution and gently clean the shoes. Store them in a dry place.
Avoid squashing the shoes to maintain the form and functionality of the breathable design, transverse channels, and central stabilizer. Avoid using the shoes on the inappropriate surfaces, as the sole is specifically designed for quick turns and traction on Padel courts.

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