Mystica Lexum Silver Black Edition Padel Racket

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The teardrop format is combined with a high balance that is perfect for maintaining a posture that maximizes powerful and direct hits. As for the sweet spot of this racket, we find the Infinite Sweet Point, in which the good hitting area is expanded to improve the precision of the blows.
The plane of the face is made up of Xtreme 24K Aluminized Carbon, a carbon material that generates unlimited power, each impact of the ball on the racquet will feel compact and stable thanks to its aluminized finish.
As for its core, it is made up of Iron Eva rubber, a medium density rubber that improves the ball´s output thanks to its flexibility and elasticity, generating an excellent response to fast plays.
Players of an advanced or professional level need a racket with guarantees, and that is the moment when the Mystica Lexum Xtreme Pro comes into play, a racket that imposes on the court both for its design and for its personality. A padel racket that offers excellent performance for a multipurpose game.
Its carbon fiber frame is composed of Xtreme Frame, which will protect the racket from blows that can damage its external structure, increasing the useful life of this racket, becoming a reference for high-end rackets that seek excellent long-term performance. term for players who will use it on a regular basis.
Game level: Advanced / Professional
Shape: Oversize Teardrop
Thickness: 38mm.
Balance: Medium / High
Composition: Xtreme Aluminized Carbon and Iron EVA Rubber
Technologies: Xtreme Frame, Infinite Sweet Point
Weight: 360 to 375 gr.
Control 9/10
Power 10/10
Technical Specifications
Player Profile

Shape: Hybrid
Best For: Men
Player Style: Versatile
Level of Play: Advanced

Care Guide

Protect your racket from extreme temperatures. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold can damage the materials used to make your racket. Avoid leaving your racket in your car on a hot day or in a cold garage during the winter.

Use a racket cover. A cover will protect your racket from scratches and other damage when it's not in use. Make sure to keep your racket in the cover whenever it's not being used.

Size Guide