Babolat Premium Crew Neck Tee in WHITE: Juan Lebron 2024 Edition

Dhs. 143.18 AED
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The Babolat Premium Crew Neck Tee, in collaboration with Juan Lebron, offers comfort, flexibility, and lightness for your tournaments. Made with recycled polyester, this shirt is not only stylish with its discreet Wolf symbol and Babolat signature, but also eco-friendly. Play with confidence and style in this versatile shirt.

Technical Specifications
  • Created in collaboration with Juan Lebron for players' specific needs.
  • Manufactured with care in recycled polyester, making it an eco-friendly choice.
  • Ideal for tournaments worldwide, offering comfort, flexibility, and lightness.
  • Features discreet Wolf symbol and Babolat's signature for a stylish appearance.
  • Comfort Focus: Developed with comfort in mind for all-day wear, from training to tough matches.
  • 360MOTION: Intelligent fabric optimized for complex movements in racquet sports, designed with a "Biottechnical" cut for seamless mobility.
  • FIBERDRY: Technical fabric with "Fiber Dry" polyester is light, soft to touch, and easy to care for, resistant to intense use from training to competition.
  • Designed for Padel, specifically for men in the adult age group.
  • Regular court fit with 100% recycled polyester composition.
Player Profile

Best For: Men

Care Guide

Washing: Always turn your tee inside out and wash it with cold water using a gentle cycle. This careful approach helps preserve the 360Motion and FiberDry fabrics.
Detergents: Choose gentle laundry detergents and skip the fabric softeners to safeguard the vibrant design and technical features.
Drying: Hang your tee out to air dry, avoiding the potential damage caused by tumble dryers. Letting it dry naturally helps maintain its shape, quality, and performance.

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