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Bullpadel introduces a new racket, the Vertex 03, inspired by the UAE flag's colors and designed in celebration of the Abu Dhabi Padel Master. It features a unique design with the Bullpadel logo in the UAE flag colors on one side and a red falcon emblem on the other, alongside signatures from players Juan Tello and Fede Chingotto. Crafted for advanced or professional players, it boasts a diamond shape for peak power, an aerodynamic frame for agility, and is made from high-quality materials like Xtend Carbon 12K. The Vertex 03 is equipped with technology for customizable balance, vibration absorption, and reduced injury risk, making it a top choice for competitive players.
Technical Specifications
  • Outer composition: XT-Carbon 12K
  • Inner composition: Multieva
  • Protector: Aluminium CW
  • Profile: 38 mm
  • Balance: High
  • Power: 100
  • Control: 90
  • Weight: 365-375 gr
Player Profile

Shape: Diamond
Best For: Men
Player Style: Aggressive
Level of Play: Advanced

Care Guide

Protect your racket from extreme temperatures. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold can damage the materials used to make your racket. Avoid leaving your racket in your car on a hot day or in a cold garage during the winter.

Use a racket cover. A cover will protect your racket from scratches and other damage when it's not in use. Make sure to keep your racket in the cover whenever it's not being used.

Size Guide