Varlion BOURNE CARBON 3 Padel Racket

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by Varlion
The BOURNE CARBON is a padel racket for professional level with a teardrop shape that privileges power over control. It is made of a bidirectional carbon tube, it has an Eva Hypersoft 38mm rubber in the core of medium hardness and it is laminated by layers of carbon, glass fiber and epoxy resin to provide maximum elasticity and resistance. Its design includes the incorporation of the Prisma frame, which provides greater acceleration and speed of movements thanks to its aerodynamic design. In addition, this racket comes as standard with an adhesive frame bumper that helps prevent vibration while playing.
Technical Specifications
  • Type of core: Medium touch
  • Main material: Carbon fiber
  • Handle: 13 cm
  • Balance: Medium-high
  • Frame: Prisma frame
  • Heart construction: Open bridge
  • Rough texture in the surface: Yes, SLICE texture but with soft relief (3D sticker)
  • Self-adhesive bumper: Yes
  • Cover: Yes, Begins cover included
  • Collection: 2023/2024
  • Weight: From 350 to 375 gr.
Player Profile

Shape: Teardrop
Best For: Unisex
Player Style: Versatile
Level of Play: Advanced

Care Guide

Protect your racket from extreme temperatures. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold can damage the materials used to make your racket. Avoid leaving your racket in your car on a hot day or in a cold garage during the winter.

Use a racket cover. A cover will protect your racket from scratches and other damage when it's not in use. Make sure to keep your racket in the cover whenever it's not being used.

Size Guide