OXDOG ULTIMATE PRO Padel Racket 2024

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The OXDOG ULTIMATE PRO Padel Racket is a game-changer for advanced players. Its diamond shape and medium-hard touch provide versatility while the high balance adds precision to your shots. Plus, its eye-catching design and color combination will make you stand out on the court.

Technical Specifications
  • DSH (Dynamic Sweet Spot Height): In our quest to redefine versatility, the DSH technology elevates the sweet spot. This means you strike with unsurpassed precision and consistency, adapting seamlessly to shots high and low, empowering your game with unparalleled flexibility.
  • Dural Molded: This process ensures an impeccable balance between strength and responsiveness, producing a frame that's not only durable but also offers a tactile feedback that resonates with the core of your game.
  • Hes Carbon (High-Elasticity Surface Carbon): Harness the power of responsiveness with Hes Carbon, a technology that amplifies your swing speed. The high-elasticity carbon surface snaps back with vigor, propelling your shots with extra speed and spin that catch opponents off guard.
  • PO/CO (Power Optimization/Core Optimization):The PO/CO technique is our signature blend of power and control optimization. By strategically layering the racket's materials, we've crafted a tool that sings in your hands, offering the perfect equilibrium between explosive shots and whisper-quiet precision plays.
  • PowerRibs: architecture strengthens the racket's throat, providing extra stability and power. This backbone of strength transforms your effort into fuel for powerful smashes and serves, ensuring that every move you make is backed by unwavering support.
  • RBS (Reinforced Beam System): At the heart of the OXDOG ULTIMATE PRO is the RBS, a skeleton of fortitude. This reinforced beam system gives you the confidence to play at the edge, knowing your racket can withstand the heat of battle and come out stronger.
  • SilentSpeed: is our ode to the sound of silence in speed. This technology reduces air resistance and noise, allowing you to slice through the air with a racket that's as stealthy as it is swift. It’s the whisper of the wind, the shadow in the sunlight—a silent partner in your quest for victory.
  • Top: The Top technology is all about precision placement at the pinnacle of performance. It finely tunes the racket’s balance, ensuring that every shot is a testament to your skills, guiding the ball with an artisan's touch.
  • Vibradamp: Our community spoke, and we listened. Vibradamp is the culmination of countless hours of research, designed to eliminate unwanted vibrations and enhance comfort. This technology cradles your arm in a cocoon of stability, ensuring that playability and comfort walk hand in hand.
Player Profile

Shape: Hybrid
Best For: Men
Player Style: Aggressive
Level of Play: Advanced

Care Guide

Safeguard your racket from scratches and the wear of extreme temperatures with our comprehensive guide. Learn the best protective measures, including choosing the right cover, to keep your racket in prime condition year-round.

Size Guide