Nox Padel PRO Shorts: Olive Green

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by Nox
Type: Shorts

The Nox Padel PRO Shorts feature lightweight fabric and NOX "Balance Fresh" technology for maximum comfort during your game. Finished with inner mesh and side pockets, these olive green shorts provide all the elegance and freedom you need when playing padel.

Technical Specifications
  • Polyester 92%
  • Elastane 8%
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Best For: Men

Care Guide

Machine wash clothes ideally in cold water; hot water only for heavily soiled items.
Use regular detergent; avoid using bleach.
Never wring clothes; it may lead to stretching.
Prefer dry on low heat or air-dry; it helps maintain elasticity.
Iron on a cool setting if necessary.
If there's pilling, use a fabric comb to gently remove it.
Always adhere to specific care instructions on clothing label.

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