Dropshot Tacoma BE UNIQUE 2023 Padel Racket

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The Drop Shot Tacoma is a new model in the Be Unique line, designed for expert players seeking excellence in their game. It offers great dynamism, playability, and high resistance. The teardrop-shaped racket features Eva Pro rubber, providing a balance of power and control. Key features include a wide impact area, sensitive and dynamic mid-balance, and exceptional attacking performance due to the combination of materials.

The frame is based on the Twin Tubular System, with Rectangle Carbon 24K and CURV 360 technologies on the faces, and 3D Face roughness. The racket has a premium construction, featuring the SMART HOLES SYSTEM and TEXTREME TECHNOLOGY. It is designed for advanced players looking for quality, resistance, and durability. The heart of the racket has broken angles to increase resistance and reduce vibrations.

The aesthetics of the Drop Shot Tacoma are bold, with black tones combined with orange and blue details. As a new feature this season, iridescent tracings are incorporated, allowing the racket's colors to change depending on the light and position.

Technical Specifications
  • Structure: Twin Tubular System
  • Faces: Rectangle Carbon 24K + 3D
  • Core: Eva Pro
  • Balance: Medium-high
  • Control: 60%
  • Power: 40%
Player Profile

Shape: Teardrop
Best For: Unisex
Player Style: Versatile
Level of Play: Advanced

Care Guide

Protect your racket from extreme temperatures. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold can damage the materials used to make your racket. Avoid leaving your racket in your car on a hot day or in a cold garage during the winter.

Use a racket cover. A cover will protect your racket from scratches and other damage when it's not in use. Make sure to keep your racket in the cover whenever it's not being used.

Size Guide