Babolat 2024 RH Padel Bag - Official Gear of Juan Lebron

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by Babolat

Introducing the BABOLAT RH Padel Juan Lebron BAG 2024, the ultimate bag for passionate padel players. Designed with input from Juan Lebron himself, this bag combines functionality and quality for on and off the court. With separate compartments and smart pockets for all your essentials and a robust outer material, it guarantees safe transportation for your rackets and equipment. Plus, the color-free, 100% recycled lining adds an eco-friendly touch. Upgrade your game with the RH Padel Juan Lebron.

Technical Specifications
  • Specifically Designed for Padel: The bag is created specifically for padel players, addressing their unique equipment and storage needs.
  • Optimal Protection: The bag features a compartment with the capacity for four rackets, made with a new, ultra-resistant isothermal material to protect the rackets from sudden changes in temperature.
  • Durable Insulated Compartment: The bag incorporates an extra durable, lightweight, recyclable, and dye-free insulating fabric to safeguard rackets from thermal variations and extreme temperatures.
  • Color-Free Lining: The interior lining is color-free, made from 100% recycled polyester (PET), and contains no dyes. This eco-friendly approach saves water by avoiding the dyeing process and makes it easy to organize and locate supplies.
  • Technical Characteristics: The bag has a racquet capacity of 4, a total capacity of 56 liters, and dimensions of 63 x 37 x 30cm. It includes three compartments, two accessory pockets, one isothermal compartment, three handles, and two straps. The composition consists of 40% polyester, 40% recycled polyester, 15% PE, and 5% PU.
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Care Guide

1. Clean Regularly: Wipe with a damp cloth inside and outside to remove dirt and grime.
2. Avoid Excess Weight: Do not overload the bag, it might lead to premature wear and tear.
3. Ventilation: After each use, unzip compartments to allow fresh air in; this prevents odorous bacteria build-up.
4. Keep Dry: Store in a dry location, away from damp areas to avoid mildew.
5. Check Zippers: Ensure zippers open smoothly; if any stickiness arises, apply soap or a zipper lubricant.

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