Varlion Wings Difusor Technology

Varlion Wings Difusor Technology Padel Racket

Wings Difusor.

Aerodinamic design with better performance.

Wings Difusor is a technology developed with the aim of directing the air flow in the only “treatable” area of the padel racket where the air passes through, its heart.

The design is inspired by the diffuser that included the Formula 1 Brawn GP team for the first time on the rear and bottom of the car.

For its development, we have taken the silhouette of the wing profile of an airplane in compliance with NACA 1412 regulations on the passage of the wind, and we have also added a turbulator, used on the wings of the aircrafts and the spoilers of F1 cars, to get a better control of air flow.


As a result, we obtain three benefits:


Increased player speed on quick hits and smash


Greater regularity of hitting by making the trajectory more constant, thanks to the zero influence of the turbulences that conventional padel rackets normally have in the heart area


More strokes with more control, also thanks to the decrease in these turbulences

Video estudio aerodinamico

Padel rackets with Difusor technology.

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