Varlion Summum Technology

Varlion Padel Racket- Summum Technology

Know and test the perfect padel racket studied to the millimeter for professional padel players that will revolutionize the market. The Summum of padel is already here.

Varlion Padel Rackets- Summum Technology


New long handle.

Compared with the normal grips of between 11 and 12.50 cm, the Summum padel rackets are 14.50 cm long, giving the player more space to wield, without having to climb with the overgrip over the handle, as some high level players usually do.



New WINGS diffuser.

Aerodynamic design with new features.

The new WINGS diffuser has been designed under the silhouette of the wing profile of an airplane complying with the NACA 1412 regulation of the wind passage, and we have also added a turbulator, used in the wings of aircraft and in the wings of F1 cars to get a better control of the air flow.


The result is a faster, more precise and controlled passage of air through it, increasing it by 27% compared to the previous one checked through the software used. 



The largest striking surface ever seen

on a professional padel racket.

With the new Summum surface, the hitting area is much bigger thanks to the fact that we have enlarged the core surface by 1.5 cm, so you will gain much more control and responsiveness in your game.


You will surprise your opponents with impossible blows.


This extension is also achieved thanks that we have drilled the entire surface of the padel racket, with a spectacular and functional holes design that increases the number of holes in total from 68 to 76.



All this also means an increase in the aerodynamics of the padel racket, so that we gain an 10% of through holes distributed perfectly according to the perimeter shape of the padel racket.


Greater height and surface in the hexagonal texture of the plane.

With the new higher and wider hexagonal texture you can increase the effect on the ball even more. In the same way, when occupying a larger surface you can achieve impossible hits even if the ball falls away from the center of the padel racket.