Varlion Radio Technology

New drilling technology.

The new RADIO technology (patented and registered in Spanish Patent and Trademark Office with number 202030310 and extendable to other countries) is a new way of manufacturing padel rackets. All rackets have always been made in a mold, and then they are drilled to make the holes in the plane. However, with RADIO technology, the racket is already drilled from the mold.

¿Que cómo es esto posible?

Several factors are necessary. Firstly, the carbon fabric, called 7 Rhombus CarbonFabric, is pre-drilled with the holes form before being placed in the mold. And then the core is placed, which is also pre-cut and drilled prior to placement.

At the same time, a special mold had to be developed to include some “plus” that simulate the holes of the racket as a guide in order to place correctly the materials (rubber and fabrics).

As a result, the racket comes out of the mold with holes, without the need to drill its surface.

In this way the following benefits are achieved:


We achieve that holes do not have an angle of 90º (which is the angle that a drill bit generates when penetrating a surface), but holes are left with a RADIO that rounds the edge of them, thus eliminating the surface tension that is caused in the racket after “weakening” it with holes.


We also ensure that the structure generated by fabrics and epoxy resin does not break, therefore, the surface is much more resistant.


And finally, since the surface is now more resistant, we can use fewer layers of fabrics for the racket construction, therefore it will be lighter and more flexible now, consequently improving the speed of player’s movement, making them faster.

Here is another example.

If we exemplify this technology with the construction of a wall with windows…

It’s not the same to build the wall and then drill it to make the window, for which it is necessary to put beams in several parts because its structure weakens, than to build it leaving the hole.

As there is no need to damage or touch the wall structure in order to put the window, the resistance will be much higher.

In the 2022 Collection you will find RADIO technology in two different models:

Maxima Summum Prisma Radio:

Bourne Summum Prisma Radio: