Babolat Jet Premura 2 Men's Padel Shoes in White and Red-2024 Lebron Edition

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Gain a competitive advantage on the court with the Babolat Jet Premura 2 Men's Padel Shoes. The Wolf-inspired design features two large ventilation windows for breathability and a lightweight build for comfort. With a flexible sole and Matryx technology, these shoes offer unparalleled agility for both attacking and defensive play. Designed for professional players.

Technical Specifications
  • Comfort and Cooling: Focus on keeping feet comfy and cool during games or training. Big vents and a breathable sole prevent feet from getting too hot.
  • Lightweight and Supportive: Lightweight design provides comfort without compromising support. Utilizes Matryx technology for a snug fit.
  • Comfy, Flexible, and Durable Sole: New sole design ensures comfort, flexibility, and durability. KPRSX technology adds extra heel protection.
  • Stability with Matryx 2.0 Fabric: Matryx 2.0, a special fabric, adds stability with tough threads.
  • Freedom of Movement with 360°FLEX Tech: 360°FLEX technology allows free movement during Paddle play.
  • Customizable Comfort with Molded Insole: Insole molds to the foot for personalized comfort, breathability, and durability.
  • Michelin Padel Rubber Grip: Michelin Padel rubber offers a good grip. Tested for over 15 years, ensuring both grip and durability.
  • Toe Protection for Enhanced Durability: Toe protection feature boosts durability from front to back.
Player Profile

Best For: Men

Care Guide

1.After usage, ensure to air-dry your shoes to mitigate moisture accumulation and unpleasant odors.

2.To clean, seek a soft brush and warm soapy water. Avoid the usage of detrimental chemicals which can potentially degrade the material.

3.For drying, let the shoes self-dry at room temperature. Exposure to excessive heat or direct sunlight can lead to premature wear and tear.

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