Varlion Airflow Technology

New AIRFLOW technology.

More technology. More aerodynamics. More speed.

Varlion Maxima Prisma Radio Airflow Technology

Innovation and technology so that air is not your enemy.

Don’t say perfection, say it AIRFLOW.

AIRFLOW technology is focused on providing greater fluidity to the weight of the air through the blade by means of elongated holes located between the frame and the core.


Thanks to studies carried out with specific software to measure the air resistance and its passage through the holes, these perforations have been made where the highest aerodynamic coefficient is obtained.

Varlion Bourne Airflow Technology Padel Rackets

In 2022 Collection you will find the AIRFLOW technology in two different models:

Maxima Summum Prisma Radio

Bourne Summum Prisma Radio